Mud Pulse Telemetry Systems

We know that it’s nice to have choices, so we offer the probe based, retrievable, reseatable MWD system and our collar-based positive pulse systems - AccuMP™ and AccuSteer™, all with special features such as shock and vibe and API calibrated gamma.

AccuDrift Positive Pulse AccuMP AccuWave(EM) AccuSteer
Inclination x x x x x
Azimuth x x x x
Temperature x x x x x
Shock and Vibration x x x x x
Gamma Ray x x x x
Continuous Inclination x x x
Data Compression x x x
Drilling Dynamics x
Azimuthal Gamma x
Annulus and Bore Pressure x
Stick Slip Indicator x
Propogation Resistivity x