Measurement Suite for Advanced Wellbore Placement

Our AccuSteer Measurement Suite — a premier directional drilling and geo-steering  system, provides accurate downhole data necessary to optimize efficient wellbore placement by addressing the application of directional drilling, geosteering and drilling efficiency.

The AccuSteer™ MWD system has been developed specifically for the unconventional shale plays and is driven by our patented mud pulsing system. This proprietary system has been proven in the roughest drilling environments to reliably provide accurate data for directional drilling and geo-steering applications that require advanced measurements and survey.

AccuSteer’s azimuthal gamma imaging improves on  existing gamma imaging systems by allowing improved detection of bed boundaries and formation dip enabling precise wellbore placement.

Drilling dynamics such as Weight on Bit (WOB), Torque on Bit (TOB), Bend on Bit (BOB), and Stick Slip Index (SSI) measurements prevent premature BHA failure and improve drilling efficiency. Accurate annular pressure measurements enable real time ECD calculations. 

What does this mean for you?

  • Annulus and Bore Pressure gives visibility to downhole pressure dynamics for early kick detection and cuttings buildup detection
  • Continuous Inclination provides enhanced positional awareness, eliminates check shots and provides the data necessary to drill a smoother wellbore
  • Drilling Dynamics improve drilling efficiency and maximize ROP
  • Shock and Vibration mitigate hazardous drilling conditions before problems arise
  • Azimuthal gamma identifies a change in gamma resulting from drilling up or down the geologic structure.  
  • All these benefits - one AccuSteer Measurement Suite!

  • Contact us to find out how AccuSteer can keep you in the sweet spot. Limited availability - more quantities in production!